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See the REAL Sarasota

Sarasota is well known as a tourist destination and retirement area, but many don't realize that Sarasota is also an unrivaled beach community for outdoor sports and enjoying nature.

Hi. I'm James Sweiderk (@jsarasota). I've spent my whole life here, enjoying the beach, running and cycling, taking my dogs to play in the bay, hanging at local parks. I literally have thousands of photos to share, including:

And that's why I've created this site. I want to show you my perspective of the Sarasota area, all the breathtaking views and all the fun you can have here.

I'm not a professional photographer. Most of my pictures were taken with my smartphone (though I recently picked up a Canon G12). Sometimes they include my family or dogs. They always include the REAL Sarasota.

If you want to discuss these photos or share your ideas, please tweet or email me.

I have another site too, about my Triumph Scrambler and some of my rides in Southwest Florida.

See you at the beach,

PS. This site is a customized version of Gallery 3.

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